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Looking For Commercial Snow Plowing & Snow Removal Companies In Oshawa, Whitby, Ajax & Durham Region?

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Durham Commercial Snow Removal, Oshawa Snow Removal, Commercial Snow Removal, Whitby Snow Removal, Durham Snow Removal,

We Offer Worry Free Commercial & Industrial Contracts For Snow Plowing,                          Snow Removal, Shovelling, De-Icing & Salting

Acres Landscaping offers reliable, expert 24-hour commercial snow plowing and snow removal services for all commercial and industrial business, retail store and plaza properties with winter maintenance services that include snow plowing, snow removal, snow shovelling, de-icing and salting.


We offer complete premium worry free winter  solutions for our customers to ensure their safety and peace of mind. 

Make sure you’re complying with bylaws, providing easy access and ensuring a safe environment with a Seasonal snow clearing contract for commercial parking lots and sidewalks.


Your staff and customers appreciate a parking lot that’s easy to get in and out of quickly and safely. Acres Landscaping parking lot snow clearing service provides 24-hour site management with service after 3 centimetres of snow accumulation and also includes ice control.

Acres Landscaping snow removal service provides 24-hour monitoring and management, ice control, salting and sanding to ensure public safety. Sidewalks are cleared after any amount of snow fall to maintain accessibility and bylaw observance

We offer Full Season contracts:   all-inclusive seasonal arrangements. Easy Monthly Payments

Durham Region Commercial Snow Removal, Oshawa Snow Removal, Commercial Snow Removal, Whitby Snow Removal, Durham Snow Removal,

Our Commercial Snow Removal Services Include

24 Hour Snow Plowing

Our dedicated fleet of trucks are always ready to go, 24 hours a day, and we can easily handle any amount of snow or property size. We plow the snow far out of the way so it doesn't interfere with your drivers, deliveries, customers and staff.

24 Hour Snow Removal

Depending on the property, sometimes there just isn't room to safely plow snow out of the way. Don't want mountains of snow remaining on the property? No problem! We have the staff, equipment and trucks to get the job done fast !

Snow Shoveling

When we say that snow is removed from every inch of the property, we actually mean it and our staff will ensure that the snow is shovelled from entrances, sidewalks and all of those hard to reach spots.

Salting Is Included

24 Hour Service Our service team is available twenty-four hours a day to assist you with snow removal. GPS Fleet Tracking. Operations Managment. Customer Service.

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We’ve been so pleased with Acres Landscaping, Oshawa Snow Removal. The live updates during storms really helped us out as property managers to find out the progress of the routes and clearing times. Perfect Parking lot service great job on all the sidewalks. We have hired Acres Landscaping again this year.

Eduard Miller

This is our Fourth Year Using Acres Landscaping and the service just keeps getting better! We had a business in the plaza call and say the salting was not done on the walkway, however due to Acres keeping such good up to date Snow Logs they provided in and out times along with before and after pictures

Mike Anthony

Quality Durham Region Commercial Snow Removal is sometimes hard to find.

Acres Landscaping has been Excellent at taking care of our properties here in Whitby, Oshawa and Ajax. 24.hrs a day I can reach the operations manager and their fleet makes it possible to have someone come by within 20 mins should we need them back at one of our sites.

Pm Property Management

Why Choose Acres Landscaping

Most Snow Removal Comanies Dispatch at 5 cm or Greater. ACRES Clears at 3 cm or Greater


SALT INCLUDED  Acres Believes in keeping the property clear and safe all season long and to achieve this we use  Salt Every Clearing.



Dash Cams

24 Hour Customer Service Line

Before & After Pictures

24 Hour Customer Service Line

Live Twitter / Website Updates

GPS Fleet Tracking

Up To Date Snow Logs

Return Visits

WSIB Clearance

Top Of The Line Equipment

Easy Monthly Payments

5 Million Liability Insurance

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Durham Commercial Snow Removal
Oshawa Snow Removal, Oshawa Snow Removal, Commercial Snow Removal, Whitby Snow Removal, Durham Snow Removal,
commercial snow removal, Oshawa Snow Rem
Commercial Snow Removal, Oshawa Snow Rem
Oshawa Snow Removal, Durham Region Snow
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