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The first approach to having a lush, green and healthy lawn is through professional, regularely schedualed lawn mowing service.

Acres Landscaping is proud to be providing quality grass cutting and property maintenance, with professional customer service at an affordable price.Time and family are valuable, let us take care of your property. Relax with peace of mind.


Weekly Lawn Cutting is essential  for your lawn to maintain a lush healthy  state.

Your property will be serviced on a weekly basis by a uniformed, experienced and dedicated crew of professionals.


Acres Landscaping will ensure that your property looks its best throughout the year allowing you to enjoy your backyard, not work in it. At Acres Landscaping, we understand your life is busy and family, friends and free time are important. Let us take care of your property.


All cutting contracts include:



Power edging

Clean Up


All mowers are mulch cutters. Cutting height is 2.5 - 3 ". Longer grass protects roots, reducing evaporation and burning. All clippings are blown back and left on the lawn at 0.5 cm for natural nutrients and fertilizer.


Give your propertry a clean, well manicured appearance.

Weekly Lawn Maintenace