Consult & Design.


Schedule your in-home consultation with a Acres Landscaping designer.  During this appointment, the designer will do a walk through with you around your property, take pictures & measurments to discuss design ideas and make suggestions.

Drawings & Proposal.


The drawings and cost proposals are prepared,  and then are delivered back to your home 1-3 days later for you to review. Specific Materials and changes can then be made to work within the required budget. 

Book Your Project.


If you have any questions or would like to book your project call 289-688-2466 or email at
​A followup and product selection appointment will then be scheduled and your job will be booked in at the earliest available opening. 

Now Booking Into Oct 2018


After The Initial Consultation & Site Inspection Acres Landscaping Will Provide you with a ball park budget. Once the budget is approved Acres Landscaping will then put together a full written proposal and information package with suggested materials and a materials List.

Then We will Design a Full Colour 3D Digital Design Implementing the exact Materials and Interlocking Stones On your homes Landscape project area. We will also Recreate your home so you can best conceptualize the end result. Then you will have a Package folder with all documents and paperwork. Upon signing contract your design files can be printed and included or emailed to you.


Quality Materials & Installation


At Acres Landscaping designing your landscape is made easy by our experienced staff. We have qualified trained designers who have the knowledge and know-how to work with you, the client, in helping to develop the perfect landscape. No matter how big or small a job may be, our designers can come up with the perfect plan - on time, and on budget. We also have the latest and most advanced computer software on the market today.

All of our employees are experienced and well trained in installing and working to provide a superior amount of quality, workmanship and customer satisfaction. Acres Landscaping has installed countless driveways, walkways, retaining walls, steps and patios of all shapes and sizes. Each job is customized and designed to suit each and every single site, we offer free on-site estimates and consultations for every job and make sure completing the project on time and on budget is key. No Charge Consultation* Acres Landscaping is dedicated to providing our customers with professional design and installation for all your interlocking and Landscape Design needs. We will help you create a distinctive design element that will enhance your homes appeal, increase its value and offer a unique look that only Acres Landscaping can offer. Acres Landscaping is a family owned and operated business. We take pride in all our work and offer written 5 year guarantees as well as a lifetime guarantee on the structural integrity offered by the manufacturer.

Different Materials & Textures
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