Organic Lawn Care Programs




Acres Landscaping Organic Eco Friendly Lawn Care PLAN (Fertalizer Overseed Blend) At Acres Landscaping we offer More for Less.The Premium Package is a fully Organic Plan that jumpstarts the lawn, enriching it with nutrients and encourages new growth. Acres Landscaping Lawn fertalizer adds nutrients, including nitrogen phosphorus, and potash to wich is important as it will lead to a thicker, healthier, and greener lawn.Overseeding the lawn is the process of adding grass seed over your lawn to make it thicker more resistant to diseases, and crowds out weeds.


Basic Plan $195+HST

Premium Plan $245+HST



* One Aeration

* Spring Overseeding

*3 Applications of  Fertilizer

* One Dethatching (Spring Power Raking )
* Spring Areation
* Three Applications of Fertilizer
* Spring & Fall Overseeding


If you are wanting the fullest, healthiest lawn then begin with the right company to provide your fertilization - Acres Landscaping.

We are true professionals who have advanced knowledge in lawn fertilization, watering and irrigation practices. Our services are often priced less that you could do it yourself, especially when combined with regular lawn maintenance. We only use 100% pesticide and herbiside free fertilizer to deliver our ECO-Friendly Lwncare and have the best results you can see  immedeately!



Lawn Fertilization

Eco Friendly

Commited to Results

We are committed to providing our customers with the best lawn seeding results possible. Our process prepares the seed bed for maximum seed germination without damaging existing turf. The distribution process delivers exactly the right amount of seed to encourage plant developement and lawn growth. Over-seeding immediately after performing core aeration can improve germination rates by 50% or more!